Empowering Industrial Workflow

Plutoshift’s GROUNDED AI™ platform empowers teams with automated performance monitoring for any industrial workflow. We help industrial businesses drive ROI by reducing resource consumption and operating costs.

Experiencing these pain points?

Why is the energy consumption spiking up at the plant?

How do I estimate if resource consumption is going to spike up in the next 3 days?

Why is my water recovery percentage dropping?

Are we over-ordering chemicals for the site?

How do I create reports based on data across multiple systems?

How can I predict the maintenance schedule I need for our ten locations?

When do I clean my membrane next?

Are we spending too much on water treatment?

How do we better predict our chemical needs?

The leader in data intelligence

Plutoshift is the leader in data intelligence for industrial processes. The company’s cloud-based solution tracks and predicts the performance metrics of key processes. This enables operators, managers, and executives to proactively manage their resources and produce higher throughput.

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  • “Plutoshift has impressed us repeatedly with its flexibility, deep grasp of AI, and inexhaustible passion for water and how its use can be optimized. They are very pleasant to work with and always eager to adapt to our needs and requirements.”

    - Adam Spunberg, Global Director - Tech Explore at AB InBev

Explore Industries

Food + Beverage

Enable insights from raw material through production to finished product, as well as outbound shipments and logistics.

Oil + Gas

Improve productivity, reduce downtime and mitigate operational risk across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

Power + Renewables

Improve productivity, increase reliability, reduce unplanned outages and mitigate operational risk.


Optimize yield, improve chemical-based treatment economics, and enhance process performance.


Optimize power and water usage and focus these utilities to deliver against sustainability and financial goals.

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Unlock the value of your asset performance data

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