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A unified view

Getting a clear picture of the impact of your operations and the best ways to improve it can be complex. Plutoshift centralizes the various data streams required, provides KPIs based on custom metrics and calculations, and reports configured with thresholds and alerts aligned with your organization's strategy.

A smarter way to sustainability

Understanding how your operations are performing and identifying opportunities for improvement are vital. By applying machine learning, Plutoshift can help leaders go further to accurately predict potential violations, forecast how they are trending against their sustainability goals, and identify novel ways to innovate while also reducing operational costs.

Operation-specific. Enterprise scale

Delivering on sustainability goals can mean driving efficiency and reducing impact for a single site, or even a single process. However you also need to understand your total impact at the enterprise level. Plutoshift's provides the flexibility to start optimizing and measuring sustainability for a single process and scale it with your program.

Enabling organizations to deliver on the promise of sustainability


Energy (kWh) saved per site per year


Gallons of water saved per site per year


Gallons of chemicals saved per site per year


Tons of CO2 emissions reduced per site per year

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Chemical Dosing Optimization

Discover how organizations ensure compliance, reduce costs, and drive sustainability with an intelligent approach to dosing.

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