Headshot of Prateek Joshi, CEO and Founder of Plutoshift AI Industrial Technology
Prateek Joshi
CEO and Founder

As a company, Plutoshift has many responsibilities towards our customers, teammates, vendors, and the environment. We manage critical data across many facets of our business. Being accountable for data privacy is at the very top of our priority list.

Our approach to data privacy and protection is straightforward. We are committed to upholding the highest and most internationally recognized privacy standards while maintaining our record of zero data security incidents.

In today’s world, it’s critical that businesses use data to make decisions. Our operational data platform was built for businesses to use their data to monitor physical infrastructure. Your data is the fuel that drives our platform’s engine. Just like how fuel from different companies varies in quality, data from different companies also varies in quality. Your data is unique and it gives your company a specific competitive advantage. We know you can’t afford to lose that edge while pursuing more efficient and effective operations.

That’s why we follow industry-leading security standards for data storage and protection. This encompasses security standards for how customer data is stored within our platform. It also includes user access requirements for things like passwords and administrative controls. Below are 8 ways we protect our customers’ data:

  1. All customer data is stored in a secure cloud container.
  2. Each container is assigned to a customer and there is no sharing of the containers.
  3. Plutoshift hosts the solution in a secure cloud and each solution is unique to the customer.
  4. There is no sharing of data with any other vendors, partners, or third parties.
  5. We engage certified auditors to evaluate our policies and procedures.
  6. User access is tightly controlled by the use of secure passwords and CAPTCHA.
  7. Users are not able to change the models or predictions.
  8. Admin access is granted to only those designated users within the customer's organization who need to have the ability to provide individual user access and/or delete, demote, and disable other users.

As part of our ongoing commitment to data protection, we will review our policies and practices on a quarterly basis and update our customers on any changes. 

In an increasingly data-first world, we appreciate your trust in Plutoshift to keep your operations running safely and efficiently.

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