Global Brewery Drives a 17% Reduction in Operating Costs

The Challenge

The company needed a way to manage total operating costs including: energy, water use, chemicals and water quality. RO membranes were cleaned off-site. Their goals:

  • Reduce cleaning costs associated for up to 50% of annual OpEx
  • Reduce and control energy and labor costs
  • Ensure system performance and meet compliance requirements
  • Access digital tools to evaluate asset and process performance 

Advanced analytics define key performance indicators and assist in root cause analysis. Intelligently use cost data to prescribe when to clean to minimize operational expenses.

The Solution

 Plutoshift ODP was deployed to:

  • Predict membrane fouling/scaling rates to drive cleaning schedule
  • Provide anomaly alerts and correlation analysis tools to further reduce cost and ensure quality reliability
  • Save energy costs by predicting peak energy use seven days in advance



Reduction in Operating Costs


Reduction in Labor Costs


Reduction in Energy Costs

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