Water Treatment

Global Water Treatment Company Drives an 18% Reduction in Water and Energy Usage

The Challenge

 The company needed a way to benchmark total water and energy usage and identify process improvements to reduce total water and energy cost. They: 

  • Struggled to achieve water sustainability goals 
  • Operated 20% above the projected total cost of operation 
  • Lacked the digital tools to evaluate asset performance 
  • Operated 12 reverse osmosis skids to produce 800 gal/min 

Custom key metrics for monitoring and alerting with threshold and alarm conditions. User-friendly root cause analysis and work orders communicate corrective actions to the plant.

The Solution

 Plutoshift ODP was deployed to: 

  • Identify root cause of high costs and bad effluent water 
  • Launch a proactive and predictive maintenance program 
  • Control premature fouling and permeate conductivity 
  • Create customized dashboard that delivers & gains intelligence 



Reduction in True Downtime Cost


Reduction in Water & Energy Usage/Costs


Improved Recovery Efficiency

Case Studies