Instruments of Change: Success through Ops-Specific Digital Transformation

Sweeping, organization-wide, digital transformation projects have become the standard. Yet, increasingly, professionals are testing a more focused strategy for achieving digital transformation – one change to a specific task, one program to solve one problem.

Based on a survey of over 500 industrial professionals, this report explores this Operation-Specific approach, and why so many professionals are adopting it. … Read More

3 Onboarding Hacks for AI Platforms

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Barriers and Solutions to Surfacing Value from Data in Manufacturing

As remote sensors, connected devices, and software capture a myriad of data on the efficacy of processes and the value of assets, manufacturing professionals are struggling to make sense of what all the data is saying and how to use it to improve their systems. This issue comes at a time when the costs of energy, materials and labor continue to rise and efficiency is paramount. To examine the issue and see how manufacturers can better utilize the data they are already collecting, we surveyed 500 mid-level manufacturing professionals across industries to examine data collection and value and to understand how to better utilize data for maximum value. … Read More

Breaking Ground on Implementing AI: from Promise to Productivity

While manufacturing companies see the value in implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, many are struggling to deliver clear results and are reevaluating their strategy, according to our new report. To gauge the progress and process of how manufacturing companies are implementing AI and whether or not they are satisfied with their AI initiatives, we surveyed 250 manufacturing professionals in October 2019 with visibility into their company’s AI programs. … Read More

BusinessWater: AI & Sustainable Corporate Water Strategies

Access to water is one of the greatest challenges to business continuity and growth. A key component of this challenge is the effective operational management of water, which plays acritical role in how much of this resource is utilized. … Read More