Chemical Dosing


Chemical Dosing

Ensure compliance, reduce costs, and realize sustainability with an intelligent approach to dosing.

Ensure Operational Compliance

With increasingly stringent regulations impacting all industries, staying compliant is a critical, but challenging task. Plutoshift applies machine learning across the various operational and environmental factors to accurately predict potential violations, alert operators, and arm them with the insights to prevent them.

Reduce Costs

Ensuring compliance often results in overdosing of chemicals. Plutoshift's models leverage historical and real-time data to provide optimal dosing recommendations that maintain compliance while minimizing the amount of chemical resources and increasing operational efficiency.

Drive Sustainability

Achieving sustainability today means maximizing every opportunity to reduce and measure impact. Intelligent dosing with Plutoshift directly improves an organization's capacity to improve water and energy consumption while reducing the carbon footprint associated with the production and distribution of chemical additives. Equally important, Plutoshift provides a platform to accurately quantify your organization's impact and progress towards its ESG and sustainability goals.

Tangible outcomes through smarter dosing


Chemical cost reduction


Decrease in effluent quality risk


Improved settling efficiency



Intelligent Chemical Dosing

Discover how AI and Machine learning applied to chemical dosing can ensure compliance, reduce costs, and drive sustainability. We explore how leading organizations are leveraging data to realize greater operational efficiency and mitigate the climate impact of their dosing operations. … Read More