“Our vision is to connect the constantly changing realities of the physical world with the power of intelligent software.”

– Prateek Joshi, CEO and Founder

Prateek Joshi, CEO and Founder, launched Plutoshift in 2017 with the vision of connecting the constantly changing realities of the physical world with the power of intelligent software. This effort resulted in the technology that enables operators to harness the power of existing data across different systems.

Our Point of View

Within the “next new normal” for companies with physical infrastructure, a realigned competitive environment creates both risks and opportunities. Enterprises are faced with the challenge of leveraging digitization to drive the pragmatic imperatives required to win in this disrupted business climate. In order to systematically drive improvements, companies must challenge the status quo and enable data-driven execution by their operations teams.

Plutoshift believes a key attribute of winners in the go-forward landscape will be those that recognize the strategic value of data. The differentiation that data and machine learning can have in adapting their teams for the “next new normal” will be monumental. From a practical perspective, digitization is a means for making massive leaps towards resource and process efficiencies. From a strategic perspective, companies can apply modern data techniques to tackle the critical issues that drive longer term category differentiation and brand power. Issues such as sustainability, Industry 4.0, and digital data transformations enable compounded business improvements that improve brand perception and shareholder value.

This set of converging factors is why Plutoshift exists and why its Operational Data Platform is a game changer by serving the “on the ground” operational processes of organizations that deliver physical goods and services.