Prateek Joshi in a hard hat

Prateek Joshi grew up in a town in southern India that had a recurring water problem. This stayed with him through his engineering education and helped define the mission behind his Artificial Intelligence pursuits.

“When I started talking to operators in the water industry, I realized that this problem could be solved using data and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. I wanted to use my expertise in AI to solve a meaningful problem with a global impact.”

Prateek Joshi

Prateek launched Plutoshift in late 2017 with the vision of connecting the constantly changing realities of the physical world with the power of intelligent software in performance monitoring. This effort resulted in the technology to help industrial operators harness the power of existing plant data related to operations, finances, and maintenance spread across different systems.

Plutoshift’s GROUNDED AI™ platform transforms passive legacy monitoring systems to active performance monitoring in industries like water, food, beverage, brewing, chemicals, and energy. While the applications of GROUNDED AI™ range across many industries, the responsibility remains the same as it always was for Prateek in using intelligent process monitoring to drive sustained improvement and transform the way people work.