Prateek Joshi

CEO and Founder

Prateek Joshi, Founder of Plutoshift, is a published author of 13 books on Artificial Intelligence. He has been featured on Forbes 30 Under 30, CNBC, TechCrunch, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and more. He has also been an invited speaker at conferences such as TEDx, Global Big Data Conference, Machine Learning Developers Conference, and Sensors Expo. You can learn more about him on his personal website at

Headshot of Prateek Joshi, CEO and Founder of Plutoshift AI Industrial Technology
Jack Ammons
Customer Engagement Manager
Patrick Bagot
Backend Engineer
Alex Bednarek
Backend Engineer
Will Braun
Director, Data Intelligence & Analytics
Jack Brown
Frontend Engineer
Andrew Carlisle
Manager, Backend Engineer
Rachel Cogburn
Business Analyst
Headshot of Denise Cooper, Director of Client Engagement Plutoshift Industrial AI Technology for Asset Performance Monitoring
Denise Cooper
Chief Customer Officer
Headshot of Sunny Dronawat, Ph.D., Plutoshift Industrial AI Advisor
Sunny Dronawat, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Melissa Dunn
VP, Customer Engagement
Laura Catherine Harrell
Customer Engagement Manager
Alice Heesacker
Data Scientist, Data Intelligence and Analytics
Headshot of John Hoholik, COO at Plutoshift Industrial Intelligence Platform
John Hoholik
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Revenue Officer
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Cole Hoholik
Junior Director, Business Development
Nicolas Jacobsohn
Manager, Machine Learning Engineer
Kellin Murphy
Machine Learning Engineer
Headshot of Ari Opsahl, New Business Development for Plutoshift APM Performance Monitoring Company
Ari Opsahl
VP, Business Development
Headshot of Joe Rassenfoss, Business Development Manager at Plutoshift AI for Manufacturing
Joe Rassenfoss
Senior Manager, Business Development
Headshot of Lindsay Ricciardelli, Data Analyst at Plutoshift AI Industrial Technology
Lindsay Ricciardelli
Senior Data Analyst, Data Intelligence and Analytics
Headshot of Will Sarni, Plutoshift AI Industry Strategist
Will Sarni
Plutoshift Industry Strategist
Sam Silver
Data Scientist
John Sizemore
VP, Data Intelligence & Analytics