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Global Brewery Drives a 17% Reduction in Operating Costs
The company needed a way to manage total operating costs including: energy, water use, chemicals and water quality. RO membranes were cleaned off-site. Their goals: reduce cleaning costs associated for up to 50% of annual OpEx, reduce and control energy and labor costs, ensure system performance and meet compliance requirements, and access digital tools to evaluate asset and process performance. Plutoshift's Operational Data Platform (ODP) was deployed to predict membrane fouling/scaling rates to drive cleaning schedule, provide anomaly alerts and correlation analysis tools to further reduce cost and ensure quality reliability, and save energy costs by predicting peak energy use 7 days in advance.
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Men in jumpsuits and hard hats looking at gauges in a room filled with blue barrels
Large Chemical Manufacturer
A large chemicals manufacturer struggled with the overall operational costs needed to meet NPDES outfall limits. With costs as much as 24% higher and challenges in optimizing dosing rates, the company needed a process performance monitoring solution to offer immediately actionable insights on dosing and effluent quality. The Plutoshift Advantage was deployed to drive a 15% reduction in wastewater chemical costs.
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Water treatment trough at a chemical plant
Oil & Gas Company
An oil and gas water treatment company needed a way to proactively monitor equipment in the field in order to provide timely maintenance and improve asset performance. Without predictive insights and anomaly detection capabilities, maintenance downtime resulted in increased labor costs and impacted service delivery for customers. Deployment of the Plutoshift Advantage drove a 20% reduction in labor costs and an increase in equipment uptime.
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Aerial overhead view of circular tanks in a field
Global Water Treatment Company
A global water treatment company needed a way to benchmark water and energy usage and identify process improvements to reduce total water and energy cost. Additional challenges included: achieving water sustainability goals, operating at 20% above the projected cost of operation and lacking digital tools to evaluate asset performance. Using Plutoshift Advantage, the company saw an 18-20% reduction in overall water and energy usage.
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Aerial shot of fields with trees and water treatment ponds at a factory location
Municipal Wastewater Plant in Beaver Creek, Tennessee
Centered in a rapidly urbanizing watershed, the award-winning Beaver Creek municipal wastewater plant in northeastern Tennessee has a mission of continuous improvement for the customers they serve and the environment they live in. With flows leading into the Tennessee river, managing all facets of water quality is crucial to maintaining the local ecosystem. Erratic storms and unexpected wet weather in the region led to excessive inflows causing the plant to endure repeated overflows and violations.
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