Plutoshift ODP

The Operational Data Platform for Modern Industry.

What is ODP?

Plutoshift's Operational Data Platform (ODP) turns your operational data into actionable intelligence. It's an end-to-end solution that delivers automated performance monitoring and predictive analysis for physical infrastructure to drive efficiency, reduce cost and waste, and help build more resilient, sustainable businesses.

Gravity Industrial IoT HUB

A single source of truth

Extracting and processing raw data for analysis is often the biggest challenge to delivering value. Plutoshift ingests, processes, and curates all your infrastructure, business, and even third party data, creating a foundation for generating insights. We automate and maintain the entire data pipeline without the need for additional IT resources.

Performance Monitoring

Always-on visibility

Plutoshift provides organizations with an always-on view of their operations at the workflow, site, and enterprise level. Operators have an immediate view of trends and KPIs for every process and asset. With configurable alerts, response tracking, and contextual reports, teams can quickly identify problems, prevent downtime, and uncover the root cause of issues.

Advanced Analytics

AI-powered decision making

With machine learning models tailored to your specific processes and continuously trained on your historical data, Plutoshift delivers advanced insights for proactive decision making. Teams can accurately forecast costs and resource consumption, predict failures and asset maintenance, and intelligently allocate resources.

Supporting data-driven outcomes across industries

Oil & Gas

Improve productivity, reduce downtime and mitigate operational risk across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

Food & Beverage

Enable insights from raw material through production to finished product, as well as outbound shipments and logistics.


Optimize yield, improve chemical-based treatment economics, and enhance process performance.

Power & Renewables

Improve productivity, increase reliability, reduce unplanned outages and mitigate operational risk.


Optimize power and water usage and focus these utilities to deliver against sustainability and financial goals.

Plutoshift has impressed us repeatedly with its flexibility, deep grasp of AI, and inexhaustible passion for water and how its use can be optimized. They are very pleasant to work with and always eager to adapt to our needs and requirements.

Adam Spunberg
Global Director, AB InBev