Headshot of Prateek Joshi, CEO and Founder of Plutoshift AI Industrial Technology
Prateek Joshi
CEO and Founder

Plutoshift was born out of the desire to unlock the potential of AI to address energy and water challenges. And since our founding in 2017, sustainability and resource conservation has been a driving force behind our work.

So we were thrilled to have been recently selected for the 100+ Accelerator, a program with the express goal of accelerating sustainability innovation. The program, started in 2018 by AB-Inbev and backed by global leaders Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, and Unilever, strives to identify solutions for some of the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time. To that end, every year, the 100+ Accelerator team identifies a handful of qualified startups. Those chosen are organizations with innovative solutions and teams that are in the best position to succeed — the ability to scale quickly, make a significant impact on one or more challenge areas, and many like Plutoshift have a demonstrated track record.

This year, Plutoshift was among 36 startups selected out of over 1,300 applicants. It is of course exciting for us to be part of such an exclusive group. But more importantly, it validates the approach Plutoshift has taken to innovation. Every day, we focus on delivering AI and machine-learning solutions where they can make the greatest impact and generate tangible results. We’ve worked with global organizations across industries to get actionable intelligence into the hands of those on the front line of sustainability, and as a result, we have quickly helped them reduce resource consumption and their impact on the environment.

What’s most exciting about this partnership are: 1) it demonstrates that intelligent resource management and mitigating the impact of industry on the world is increasingly simply part of good business, and 2) organizations are more seriously committed to making real progress towards those goals. The challenges outlined by the 100+ Accelerator and the path forward are clearly defined, with a promise “to do business the right way, not the easy way.” Previous cohorts have already shown tremendous impact with solutions such as upcycling grain waste into nutrient-rich food and recycling electric vehicle batteries in China.

As proclaimed on the program site, “No one company can solve today’s sustainability challenges alone.” We wholeheartedly agree and look forward to continuing our work as part of the solution.

To learn more about the 100+ Accelerator program, visit www.100accelerator.com.

To discover how Plutoshift can help your business realize your sustainability goals, request a demo.

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