Image of Bridge with fog in the background

Bridging The Gap Between AI Promise and Results: 3 Actionable Steps

By Prateek Joshi: Analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester have been advising their clients...
Purple Cover with title text "Breaking Ground on Implementing AI"

Why Manufacturing Companies Continue to Struggle with AI Implementation Projects

By Prateek Joshi  Manufacturing companies know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have multiple business...
Image of the inside of a computer

Industrial Automation: 4 Industrial AI Predictions for 2020

By Prateek Joshi: 2019 was a banner year for AI! Almost every business magazine...
Image of a cup of coffee next to laptop

AI for Coffee Manufacturing: 3 Ways AI is Energizing The Coffee Industry

By Prateek Joshi: From bean to barista, the global coffee industry is valued at...
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A Day in the Life: Where an Industrial Operator’s Time Goes

Steve is a manager at an industrial beverage plant that produces bottled soft drinks....

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