Climate 21: Using Machine Learning To Reduce Climate Emissions

Machine Learning is great for helping us surface new series on Netflix, for helping us search through the thousands of photos on your phone to find that one of the cute cat you took a picture of all those months ago, or for things such as fraud detection by banks, but can it be used to impact the physical environment to help reduce climate emissions? … Read More

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Factory of the Future Podcast: AI in Manufacturing

AI has become ubiquitous in the consumer world, but there’s a big gap when it comes to the physical world. In the latest episode of the #factoryofthefuture podcast, Prateek Joshi and Michelle Segrest explore how manufacturers can successfully apply AI to their physical infrastructure to drive specific outcomes. … Read More

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5 Digital Transformation Lessons from Dune

Last week, sci-fi fans finally got to see the latest film adaptation of Dune. When published in 1965, Frank Herbert’s novel was a groundbreaking, eco-conscious sci-fi epic. Set 20,000 years in the future with intergalactic dynasties and secret orders battling

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