Factory of the Future Podcast: AI in Manufacturing

AI has become ubiquitous in the consumer world, but there’s a big gap when it comes to the physical world. In the latest episode of the #factoryofthefuture podcast, Prateek Joshi and Michelle Segrest explore how manufacturers can successfully apply AI to their physical infrastructure to drive specific outcomes. … Read More

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5 Digital Transformation Lessons from Dune

Last week, sci-fi fans finally got to see the latest film adaptation of Dune. When published in 1965, Frank Herbert’s novel was a groundbreaking, eco-conscious sci-fi epic. Set 20,000 years in the future with intergalactic dynasties and secret orders battling

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100th Episode Of The Dan Smolen Podcast

Prateek Joshi, Founder and CEO of Plutoshift, discusses how A.I. makes the world a better place on the 100th episode of The Dan Smolen Podcast. The Dan Smolen Podcast is the best at covering future of work and meaningful work

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Machine Learning In 20 Words Or Less

I’m often told that Machine Learning sounds complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. If I was asked to explain ML in 20 words or less, this is what it would sound like: Understand the problem. Clean up the data. Investigate relationships. Engineer the dataset. Build the

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