4 Industrial Sustainability Trends for 2022

As we move into 2022, sustainability will undoubtedly continue to be a top priority, and one supported and enabled through digital transformation and technological innovation. Here are 4 trends that we anticipate continuing to influence industrial sustainability in 2022. … Read More

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How Tech Makes Water Positivity a Reality

Increasingly, businesses are embracing sustainability and proclaiming ambitious goals to improve processes, add value for stakeholders, and satisfy consumer demand. Major corporations across all industries like AT&T, Dell, and Target have made serious commitments to becoming leaders in this area. They’ve not only pledged

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5 Digital Transformation Lessons from Dune

Last week, sci-fi fans finally got to see the latest film adaptation of Dune. When published in 1965, Frank Herbert’s novel was a groundbreaking, eco-conscious sci-fi epic. Set 20,000 years in the future with intergalactic dynasties and secret orders battling

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