By: Prateek Joshi, Founder of Plutoshift  

Making tasty drinks out of fermented grain and fruit has been a human tradition for thousands of years. Since before recorded history, brewmasters have employed the latest technological and scientific methods to manage the infinitely complex process of fermentation and production.

Today’s brewers and beverage producers, at the industrial scale, employ the same innovative spirit to manage their fermentation and production processes. And more often than not, the leading firms are discovering that they can streamline their production and maximize the quality of their products and efficiency of their plants by employing Grounded A.I. solutions. 

Grounded A.I. – An Operator’s Best Friend 

Grounded A.I. is based on proprietary algorithms specifically designed to analyze and provide decision-making support to operators who manage industrial assets such as water, chemicals and labor. These algorithms, combined with industrial IoT sensors, enable operators to visualize the complex and dynamic relationships across diverse data sets by extracting actionable insights and empowering them to make more informed decisions.

Grounded A.I. is not meant to replace, but help experts in the field of brewing and production. Grounded A.I. takes the difficult and tedious tasks of measurement and data analysis off the shoulders of talented labor, freeing them up to take on more creative and complex tasks. 

Reducing The Burden Of Manual Processes

Because operators are tasked with the lofty responsibility of managing millions of microorganisms during the fermentation process, efficient data collection is an imperative part of keeping any plant profitable. In our recent report, we discovered that roughly half (48%) of beverage and other manufacturing companies use spreadsheets or other manual data entry methods. As a result, only 12% are able to take action on their data insights automatically. 

Relying on manual processes, such as spreadsheets, for data entry is an error-prone and a costly misuse of talented labor. Unsurprisingly, research has demonstrated for years that almost every spreadsheet contains mathematical or data errors

Reducing Data Blindspots To Keep Key-Cost Drivers In Check 

By implementing Grounded A.I. solutions, operators can utilize insights from the data they already collect to better manage overall operating expenses by reducing key-cost drivers such as water and other fluid resource consumption in their plants. 

With 44% of beverage and other manufacturing professionals reporting that less than half of their company’s manufacturing process is outfitted with industrial IoT technology, a large portion of operators are essentially working in a data-blind environment.

Grounded A.I. solutions can surface valuable data insights resulting in better informed cost-saving decisions:  

  • Optimizing filtration processes to maintain high flow rates
  • Reducing inefficient resource use and unnecessary equipment downtime
  • Determining the root causes of downtime or safety incidents
  • Predict boiler fouling rates to increase overall equipment lifetime

Furthering A Tradition Of Innovation 

Modern operators have a wealth of digital tools available to keep their plants running smoothly and profitably. Plutoshift’s Grounded A.I. can help manufacturers manage millions of micro-decisions with better and more timely operational insights. 

Drop us a note if you’d like to learn more about Plutoshift’s solutions, and we’d be happy to discuss how our Grounded A.I. approach can streamline your processes (maybe even over a pint?)


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