Large Chemical Manufacturer

Major Chemical Manufacturer Saves 21% in Wastewater Chemical Costs

The Challenge

 Texas based chemical manufacturer struggled to manage total operational costs to meet NPDES outfall permit limits.

  • To meet limits, total cost of operation was 21% higher
  • Weekly jar tests did not result in optimal dosing rates
  • Several plant audits could not predict effluent quality
  • Technical team lacked expertise to optimize dosing rates

Custom key metrics for monitoring and alerting. Set setpoint and alarm conditions.User-friendly root cause analysis and work orders to communicate corrective actions to the plant.

The Solution

Plutoshift ODP was deployed with plant managers to:

  • Control chemical cost by optimizing dosing
  • Unlock process improvements through correlation analysis
  • Detect anomalies to mitigate water quality risks
  • Monitor the performance of sludge settling



Reduction in Chemical Costs


Decrease in Effluent Quality Risk


Improved in Settling Efficiency

Case Studies