8 Dimensions of Data Quality

Large companies have enormous physical infrastructure. This infrastructure is well-instrumented and data is collected continuously. The Plutoshift platform uses this data to help them monitor their physical infrastructure. When we look at the data flowing in, we need to standardize

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Databases, Infrastructure, and Query Runtime

Recently, my team was tasked with making a switch from a combined MySQL and Cassandra infrastructure to one in which all of this data is stored entirely on a PostgreSQL server. This change was partially due to an increased drive to provide necessary and crucial flexibility to our customers, in tandem with the fact that Cassandra was simply not necessary for this particular application, even with the high quantities of data we were receiving. On its face, the mere need for such a change almost looks backwards given how much movement within the tech industry has been made away from SQL databases and towards NoSQL databases. But, in fact, NoSQL — or even hybrid systems — are not always best. … Read More

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